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The three most common recurring things I see
(Apart from shitty photography. there is ALWAYS shitty photography):

Anime/Japanese style

My little pony

Canine/feline animals/furries , sometimes with emo/scene hair

Try it yourself. I guarantee you will see multiple of the above.
Fun fun fun.
I have travelled to Dunedin, Otago University in New Zealand and settling into residential college.

Going to be doing Human anatomy and minoring Zoology.

Just thought I would put it out there since it is a pretty significant change in my location and life.

Hmmm... delicious knowledge.

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 1:41 AM
It feels like it isn't worth being satisfied just knowing what everybody else knows. As a naturally curious species we need to discover more than what is spoon fed to us.

We must hunt!

Be curious and contribute to humanity.

*Dribble dribble dribble*

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Piratepunky Questions:

1. If you could be a turtle, would you? If so, why? if not, why not? D:<

The thought of being a turtle does not particularly appeal to me for a number of reasons. I much prefer being a human, even though it is very often the human mind wishes to be another animal and remain ignorant of how horrible it would be in reality. :V Though it would ALSO depend on what kind of turtle, and where. Maybe an overindulged pet turtle wouldn't be so bad. Otherwise I would rather not want to be wild turtle getting caught in nets or have my shell crunched open by various predators whilst looking for jellyfish to eat.

2. What is your religion, if you have one.

I am unsure, as I am not blessed with faith. I do however look up to nature a lot, and base a lot of thoughtful conclusions around what happens in nature naturally. I suppose neo-pagan is closest to this.

3. What is your favorite place to go when you want to be alone?

A creek nearby my house or a different foresty reserve 20 minutes walk away at night time.

4. Can you speak another language? What is it if so.

Chinese (Mandarin) and Malay.Not particularly fluent though, but enough of the basics to understand and speak.

5. What's your favorite food?

Oh man this sort of question.... gosh I just love so much food it is impossible to pinpoint a favourite.  I can eat and enjoy most all well done dishes and almost always willing to try something different.

6. Do you swear a lot? if so which ones do you use most?

No, I do not. I only swear if I am very angry or get hurt (stubbing toes and such). Most often though? The S-word related to poop and the F-word related to sexual intercourse.

7. What is your favorite animal and why?


8. What is your favorite snack food?

Depends on my mood, it always changes. For the past few days though I have quite enjoyed whole grain toast overly topped with butter.

9. What race are you? Where did your family come from?

Eurasian. Mum came from New Zealand , but was adopted. Her true origins are mostly unknown but I think there is some irish in there. Father is Chinese born in malaysia.

10. Have you seen the blue duck? Cause he stole my wallet ;A;

Yes. I shall Squeeze him until he gawks and his eyes pop out . Not because he has your wallet, but because I just like doing that to small fuzzy animals.


1. Are you self contradictory?

2. What are your views on people keeping wolves /wolfdogs as pets?

3.Do you feel that you want to be of significant importance to someone, something, society (etc etc) in your life? If so, do explain in as little or as much detail as you wish.

4.Imagine a scenario, person number ONE has person number TWO strapped down upon a surgical table . ONE is holding a sharp tool toward TWO. Would you rather be ONE or TWO?

5. Do you think that colour physically exists outside of a living creatures mind?

6. Does the idea of horrifying other people amuse you?

7. Do you like to drink plain water?

8. Have you had rice stuck up your nose?

9. Have you sniffed your own feet on purpose? DID YOU LIKE IT?

10. Do you think I am getting weird with my questions?



(I just looked at some of my deviations and chose a few people I see who left comments, but if anyone else wants to answer these feel free to do so. I am a curious person. To those tagged, you do not have to do it if you do not wish to , of course. )
Not entirely sure what is up with me right now. I just cannot seem to work on anything with patience, care, passion or anything.

Instead all I do is think about food all day.

Mmm.... foooood.....
A lot of people say that the internet should not be taken seriously ,

but looking at the power the internet has in the world right now and the fact that most people we interact with are real living beings,

why should the internet be seen as 'no big deal'?

People say retarded or cruel things on the internet and give their excuse that "the internet is no big deal derpy derpy derp."


Why isn't saying something to the internet a big deal?

Millions and millions of pairs of eyes behind screens are lurking everywhere here, and connect to millions of brains inside millions of skulls within millions of human bodies.

And humans are dangerous things.

They can use harmless un-serious things like the internet to communicate and plan with their allies to destroy you.

The internet is very influential, a very powerful psychological tool.

And then we use the internet for serious things like banking, business, and arguing on youtube.

So come on guys, 'internet is no big deal' is a delusion which will one day sink its teeth into your ignorant juicy plump asses.

Oh and don't take this seriously. Its only a bunch of text on the internet from a person which only exists as an internet username who posts art out of nowhere like a machine and has no impact on your world at all.……

Anon in hells prison I presume. :V


This deserved its own journal.
I am working on a private commission for someone and i need references for spaceships being attacked /damaged in space or something, haha. Basically the image involves a big monster hacking into a space ship but I am at a loss as to how to go about creating the desired effect for the area being dented and damaged, along with how to position and shape the floating debris. I have never done such a thing before.

It would be great if any of you have pictures/know pictures which portray such effects. It would help me so much.
Beautiful, horrifying, surreal thing.

: O
As admin in one of my groups i am 7o fea7ure 7he ar7work of 7he firs7 place winner. :)


by :iconhyphenatedsuperhero:

his work shows a lo7 of promise, and if he keeps going a7 i7 he will be a very good ar7is7.

(and yes, one of my le77ers are broken. wa7er dropping on lap7ops causes 7his. )

oh and i love you all.

This question has probably been asked countless times within the pokemon fandom, but it is still fun to think about.

If lets say pokemon existed, and you happened to be a trainer (or not) , what pokemon would be in your main possession?

It can be anywhere from one to six.

Personally, Id have a team of four consisting of :



Rampardos and


Of course if Rampardos and Aerodactyl are not obtainable due to them being extinct, id prolly stick with Arbok and Carnivine. Maybe A Mandibuzz on the side.
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The longer I have existed in the art community the more I am realizing the limitations of originality and how originality is important in several ways. The chances of any one random idea of a drawing already being drawn by someone else is very high, and so I sit here and try to come up with something unique , but also containing themes that appeal to me. I am sort of sick of drawing the same things in the same poses but just with different characteristics, there really is little artistic point.

Also, it is difficult, or impossible, to come up with something 100% original out of thin air not based on anything. All our ideas have to come from somewhere, our brains are not pre-packaged with imagery and ideas from birth, we take in things from the environment and weave from those materials. This said , 100% originality probably does not exist. Even if an artwork is unique and original, there are surely some aspects of it that are familiar and exist somewhere else. But still I feel the need to be as original as I can, though. I am getting past that 'illustrating for the sake of illustrating something' to actually wanting to do ARTWORK, something of genuine expression and intellectual intrigue. Not really getting there though, at the moment. Haha.
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This could allow for some character development or insight into DragonicWolf that red thing. Mostly the fictional representation. Otherwise this will just be a "who are you" meme.

~Every question must have an answer
~Your character can't be perfect in every way...
~After you finish tag four people

The basics

1) What is your dragon's name?
She is known as the dragonicwolf, or D-W. She does not have a proper name.

2) How old is your dragon?
Never thought about this. At least twenty years I would say.

3) What colour is your dragon?
Red fur all around, with a couple of darker red stripes on her muzzle.

4) How tall is your dragon?
In normal standing position, her head would be about 4.5 foot above the ground.

5) What kind of body type does your dragon have?
Cross between that of a larger canine, and a dragon. Not purely canine as the muscular and skeletal structure is slightly different to accomodate spines and wings.

6) What element is your dragon?
She has no generic element, not that can be listed in a simple way anyway.

7) What is your dragon's eye color?
Fluroscent green all the way. (don't see the point in answering these actually, got lots of pictures)

8) What is your dragon's hobby?
Hobby. Activity done for enjoyment. I would say quite many, as many different things interest DW. Chasing small animals, inspecting carcasses, you name it. Taking the lives of certain people is something she does out of spite, not fun.

9) What season best represents your dragon?
She loves autumn the most, but she would best respresent the changing of seasons. She has traits that could be symbolized by all four seasons, and the changes they go through.

10) What mood is your dragon usually in?
Moods such as guilt, spite, plotting, melancholic, annoyed and vengeful when idle. When on a hunt , her mood changes dramatically, and may even burst into some form of strange maniacal laughter.


11) What is your dragon's favorite food?
Slightly fatty meat works best for her palate. It is difficult for her to hunt wild animals most of the time, so she may take livestock. Fruit comes in second. She dislikes the taste of humans.

12) What is your dragon's favorite place?
Quiet places within not too long a distance from human territory. Abandoned buildings work pretty well, but she much prefers architecture with some interesting taste, maybe an old castle. There has to be natural scenic places nearby.

13) What is your dragon's favorite weapon?
Claws , teeth, and her ability to intimidate.

14) How does your dragon want to die?
She does not really care nor think about it much. It does not matter to her, fate is fate and it will happen eventually, whether peaceful or horrible.

15) What does your dragon think is the most beautiful way to die?
As stated she cares little for thinking of her own death. She does not have an opinion.

16) What is your dragon's favorite thing to do?
Teaching people brutal lessons. Watching people get a taste of their own medicine. Revenge. Bringing fear into her victims.

17) What does your dragon love most?
Pretty much explained above

18) What does your dragon hate most?
Some of the ways people behave, some aspects of social psychology, narcissism.

19) Who does your dragon treasure most?
Those who are friendly toward her.

20) Who does your dragon hate most?
I think this answer should be vaguely evident at this point.

On a scale of one to five... (five being the highest...)


21) How strong (physically) is your dragon?
3.5   Not super strong, but decent enough to deal severe damage if done right.

22) How stable (emotionally) is your dragon?
1   , not very stable at all, no.

23) How agile is your dragon on the ground?
2.5 . She is quite bulky, along with her wings. She can be quite agile but not the fastest and quietest beast around.

24) How agile is your dragon in the air?

25) How agile is your dragon in the water?
3.5 . She tucks in everything so she is streamlined, and swims like a lizard would.

26) How happy is your dragon?
1.5 .Often in doubt and often has something negative on her mind. She isn't emo, more like angry. Happiness shoots straight up for a small amount of time when dealing with a victim successfully

27) How hyper is your dragon?
2. But shoots straight up when dealing with a victim.

28) How violent is your dragon?
it fluctuates. But I guess she could be considered very violent 5 as she sort of destroys people mentally and physically


29) How loving is your dragon? (to everyone)
Loving to those she feels deserving. Extremely uncaring to those otherwise.

30) How loving is your dragon? (to specific people)
I think this can be classified with the above? Deserving specific people, loving. Undeserving specific people, unloving. Doh

31) Is your dragon in love?
no. She is not looking for anyone either.

32) Does the one he/she loves love him/her back?

33) How open is he/she with his/her love?

34) Does your dragon believe in romance without a physical relationship?
She has little opinion of it

35) What does your dragon like most in a lover?

36) Does your dragon believe that everyone has someone out there?
No. Some people just don't.

37) How does your dragon deal with rejection?

38) Does your dragon want to love?
Love as in general love? Yeah sure. love as in relationship? No. She is capable of feeling love.

39) Does your dragon believe they deserve to be loved?
No. She understands that what she does is just asking to be hated, but she does like it when people appreciate her.

40) Where does your dragon think is the most romantic place to be?
She has none of her own opinion, but thinking for others, it is entirely subjective


Rp time!

41) Your dragon is alone in the woods and he/she hears a noise coming from behind them, what do they do?
Stops, and listens to see if the noise happens again without looking back.

42) Your dragon is betrayed by the one they love, what do they do?
Again with this love business what the hell. N/A

43) Your dragon finds themselves in a very romantic situation, What do they do?
Lets the other know in riddling ways that she is just not interested.

44) Your dragon is openly insulted in front of other dragons, how do they deal with it?
Keep quiet about it for the time. Rage about it in private. Plot a sneaky revenge.

45) Your dragon is forced to spend time with an elder dragon that they cannot stand, what do they do?
Continue to behave appropriately. Getting into trouble is not an option. Good impressions have advantages.

46) Your dragon finds out they are dying, what do they do?
Do something crazy that would result in long term consequences, which do not matter if she is dying.

47) Your dragon is ignored by the one they love but is loved by a dragon that they ignored, how do they deal with it?

48) Your dragon is surrounded, how do they fight the enemies off?
Try to intimidate them some way or another and then get a weak spot. Flee when the opportunity presents itself.

49) Someone tells your dragon all of their shortcomings, they were intending to be cruel but they didn't say anything that wasn't true, What does your dragon do?
Feel hurt, and then try to argue back with the same tone and same truthfulness

50) Your dragon just had to do this meme, what does he/she want to do now?
Sleep and eat or something
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Today when I woke up at my usual time, I decided to take another half-hour sleep. I had a pretty interesting dream within this half-hour.

I remember being in a condominium in which my family and i apparently lived. It was time to go to the city, which took at least an hours drive. When i looked out of the window, the building we wanted to go to was right outside below us. I asked mum if I could just glide down. She disagreed, mainly because she was afraid of dad (who already left for the place) will be angry. We fought for a moment but then I just shapeshifted into something with wings and glided down.

I was at the courtyard of the building before dad arrived. He was pretty butthurt at me for arriving before him. I later then saw a little helicopter contraption. It reminded me of those little motorized gliders or open aircraft's . Even though I knew I could shapeshift and fly from there, I wanted to give this dangerous looking contraption a go, after all, it was only a dream. I told this to myself. I sat in the seat and picked up the controller. It was just like the controller of tiny model helicopters. I flew. It was difficult to control. I gained a lot of attention, people taking photos and people cheering. Then the battery ran out. When I was safely landed.

All  of a sudden I decided to do some shapeshifting into a monster and scaring people, because It is a favourite dreamland pastime of mine. I was inside a building, it looked like some kind of dark asylum. Quite creepy actually, but vacant with people.  I transformed into a little lizard-like monster with big teeth, but problem was I was no bigger than a toy dog. It felt silly, but I went round being nasty to the scared inhabitants anyway. Because it is fun.

Later on, all of a sudden there was a very big monster, looked like a brown salamander, about the size of a tiger. It was a giant sausage with four legs. Apparently this monster was owned (or was) one of my friends , plateacedia. We faught, lashing teeth and claws and snarls of pure rage and yadda yadda. I wanted to keep fighting because the opposing monster tasted so good, because the skin was like sausage or salami.

Things happened, forgot what, and all of a sudden I was owned by a psycho woman who appeared completely innocent and harmless, but actually cannibalized children. Her house was very pretty, many flowers and pretty old fashioned designs. I knew that she was going to kill me one day, but I still treated her as if she was my mother.

I went out with her and my friends to a carnival at night, or at least, I was walking with my friends and my psycho mom at night and saw a ferris wheel lit up. I transformed into a big hawk-eagle thing and flew overhead to get a proper look. And because flying is just badass and i do it at every possible oppertunity. Flap those big wings and scooping up the air and rising up and feeling so in-control, including tail rudder use. But anyway, went to this carnival. Saw two bald asian guys in pink and blue robes in a small coin-pay ride going round and round. My sister screamed and said she saw one of their butts.

For some reason we went to the information counter and talked about deaths at a carnival. We then brought up a very well known freak accident , and claiming that we were close to the person who was involved in it. The info counter lady went wide eyed as if she was looking at celebrities. Nothing much happened after that before we headed home.

Sat in the psycho lady house and looked outside at her garden. Hanging pots of flowers ad beautifully decorated private garden. For some reason there was a freezer in the corner of the garden with fish in it, and when lunch time came, all the children that happened to be in the house for some reason lined up at the freezer and took out a fish of their choice.

This part is very fuzzy... all mixed up, but I do recall the garden hiding many grisly secrets, and many birds who entered the garden died there. I remember having a large, pretty bird fly up to me, looking scared and shaken, not wanting to be let go. Very cute and soft. Then I saw a sparrow up in one of the hanging pots. It was singing a strange song. The bird I was holding told me that "The bird's brother is dead in his nest. The baby bird was crying because his brother was dead in the nest. He has to stay with his decomposing brother because he cannot fly yet. "  I reached up and shook the pot, and a dead bird dropped out.

"Would you like me to make a clean new nest for you?" I asked the little bird. He replied with a chirp.

And then my dog frigging woke me up.
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I am pretty sure some of you might have guessed this already, but I am horrible with names. I have trouble naming absolutely anything, including my own fursona. Note that she does not even have a proper name, and is only called a generic 'DragonicWolf' with a grammatical error in the 'Draconic'. I have loads of friends who have really awesome names for their fursonas or even an alternate name for themselves, and I cannot do that. I am just boring ol 'Jess' or "Jessica' or 'DW' or even 'Pei Ling'. Derpy derp.

And yes, I have finally moved out of homestay and into a proper house. Unpacking boxes and putting together ikea furniture sets is hard, time consuming work. At the same time, mum has gotten a six week old puppy. She is a Maltese /Shih Tzu mix my sister and I refer to her as the incarnate of evil. She must be my old dog :iconbeebeeplz: minion , sent forth to wreck havoc on this household. Dad thinks she looks like and Ewok from star wars, but mum denied the use of that name for the pup. So we ended up calling her Princess Leia. That works.

She has so much personality, and extremely cute. This is bad. This will mask her true self. D:…
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Ive finished college. Hell yeah. Just finished my last examination a couple of hours ago.( PHYSICS FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!)

So yes, now it is time for me to focus on art stuff and other things! I may definitely start doing commissions once I have finished my other priorities like gift art or trades I owed people.

Also for those who do not know, I am also active on Furaffinity under the name DragonicWolf. Of course, what else!? I really need to stop being so sentimental. DragonicWolf is such a dumb username.
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... so so badly. Keen on looking for lessons next year. I don't care if it could potentially kill me,  it will be a hell of a lot more fulfilling than sitting at home and staring at the computer screen all day. It should cost about the same as a new latest television,latest gaming console or good computer. Good deal? hell yeah.…

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